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Started in 2001, the MAD Christian Radio Show quickly spread from a show played on the local Christian radio station in Timmins to one that is aired across the globe.

Tune in to hear the latest in Christian Rock and Hip-Hop, old favorites, music news, contests, interviews and of course our Impact Devotional.

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Something To Think About

“The truth is, of course, that what one regards as interruptions are precisely one's life.” (C.S. Lewis)

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Thousand Foot Krutch - Born This Way
New Empire - Say It Like You Mean It
Mat Kearney - Heartbeat
Switchfoot - Let It Out
Disciple - Dear X (You Don't Own Me)

Latest Music News

  • Switchfoot

    Switchfoot Launches App

    Switchfoot has launched a brand new mobile app that you can download to your smartphone. The app gives you access to their music, photos and videos. Plus you can even vote for which songs you want to hear them play live on their fall tour. Search for it in the iTunes music store.

  • tobyMac

    tobyMac To Drop Remix Album

    Listen to tobyMac's latest album "Eye On It" in a completely revamped way on his upcoming remix album, Eye'm All Mixed Up. The new remix album drops November 4 and showcases the talent of remiers such as Capital Kings and Soul Glow Activatur.

Latest Devotional

Closed Bibles, Closed Hearts

We read so much in any given day, it's shocking if you add it all up. Pages at work. Text scrolling across on our computer screen. Facebook status, twitter posts, texts calling our attention as they light up our phones. And somewhere in the midst of this information overload its very easy to not pick up our Bibles and spend timing reading God's Word. Or worse, when we do, treat it with the same level of detachment that we do status updates or texts that show up on our screens.