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Started in 2001, the MAD Christian Radio Show quickly spread from a show played on the local Christian radio station in Timmins to one that is aired across the globe.

Tune in to hear the latest in Christian Rock and Hip-Hop, old favorites, music news, contests, interviews and of course our Impact Devotional.

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Something To Think About

"If you love somebody, tell them. If there is conflict, let it go and fight instead for peace. Break the numb false silence and break the distance too. Laugh and cry and apologize and start again. This life is short and fragile but friendship is among the greatest miracles." (Jamie Tworkowski, If You Feel Too Much)

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MAD Playlist

Nine Lashes - You Are The Light
Archers Rise - Mirrors
Family Force 5 - Walk On Water
Boiling Point - Put Your Hands Up
tobyMac - Beyond Me
Audio Adrenaline - Move

Latest Music News

  • Spoken

    New Music From Spoken

    Spoken is trying to get back into the studio to record new music and they've launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get them there.

  • Emery

    Emery Tour News

    Emery has announced they will be hitting the road with As Cities Burn, Listener, and Foreign Sons. The tour kicks off July 31.

Latest Devotional

Stepping Out Of The Quicksand

I shuffle into my office, boot up the computer and do what I do almost day before I start my workload, I glance at the news headlines. Titles scroll by, stories about wars and death and the unjust issues all around us. But one headline jumps out at me that shakes my soul, another well-known Christian leader caught in a scandal and forced to resign.

It shakes my soul because I know very well that if you or I were in that same public position, our names could easily be interchanged with his.