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Started in 2001, the MAD Christian Radio Show quickly spread from a show played on the local Christian radio station in Timmins to one that is aired across the globe.

Listen to hear the latest in Christian Rock and Hip-Hop, old favorites, music news, contests, interviews and of course our Impact Devotional.

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March 29, 2017
We'll listen to songs making their way up the chart from Matthew Parker, Family Force 5, The Afters and Thousand Foot Krutch. And in our MAD Challenge you'll find out how you can make a difference and speak up against persecution.

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Something To Think About

"In the end, love doesn't just keep thinking about it or planning for it. Simply put: love does!" Bob Goff

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MAD Playlist

tobyMac - This Is Not a Test (feat. Capital Kings)
Disciple - Come My Way
Hawk Nelson - Sold Out
As We Ascend - Tell Me
Graceful Closure - Until The Night's Gone

Latest Music News

  • Skillet

    Unleashed Tour 2017

    Skillet is heading on the road for the "Unleashed Tour 2017" with stops slated for Memphis, Orlando and Atlanta.

  • Relient K

    Free Song Download

    Relient K released a new song celebrating Earth Day and you can download it for free on the bands website.

  • The Classic Crime

    How To Be Human

    The Classic Crime's new album "How To Be Human" is now out. Check out the single "Not Done With You Yet" on this week's show.

Latest Devotional

Don't Waste Your Life

If we look at how we spend our time we get a very accurate picture of how we are also spending our lives. So how are you spending your life? Spending too many hours at work? Binge-watching an unhealthy amount of shows on Netflix? It's easy to get consumed by what is right in front of us and as a result, many of us waste our days. We put off the big stuff, convinced we can get to it tomorrow, but then tomorrow comes and we put it off yet again.

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