Time & Seasons

Dear daughter,

I designed time and all of life to move in seasons.  But unlike the weather those seasons aren’t limited to spring, summer, fall and winter.  Seasons go far beyond that and effect every part of your life.

There is a time for life and a time for death.

A time of pain and a time of healing.

A time when everything falls apart and a time when all things are made new.

A time to cry your eyes out and a time to dance the night away.

A time of seeking and searching and a time of finding those answers you sought after.

A time of deathly silence and a time when you can’t stop talking.

Those seasons roll in like the waves and retreat like the tide.  But unlike the tide, they don’t always flow on a set schedule.  That’s because they flow in my timetable and my plans for you are far beyond what you can even comprehend right now.

That doesn’t mean you’ll never know times of difficulty or never wonder ‘why’?  But it does mean that if you hang on when the season passes you will rejoice in what that time brought you.

Just like the whole world awakens to a symphony of spring after a long winter, so will your seasons of winter come to pass and lead you into a season like the celebration of spring.

Don’t turn away from any one of these seasons in your life dear daughter, but instead embrace each one as a gift from Me.

Winter, springtime, summer, fall.  If you look closely you will find me in them all.


The conductor of the seasons and your heavenly Father.

I Made You Whole

Dear daughter,

One of the biggest lies that many of my children believer is that somehow they are less than whole on their own.

Some believer that if only they had more money they would be complete.  But many of my daughters think that if only they had a guy they would be whole.  They use lines like

“You complete me”

“I’ve found my missing piece”

“Now I can be fulfilled”

The lie is subtle at times but it is still a lie nonetheless.

Please, dear daughter, do not look to a guy to complete you.  I designed you whole!

Your future husband will certainly compliment you if you wait for the guy I have chosen for you, but no matter how great a guy he is, he will never be able to complete you.

Don’t wait until the honeymoon is over before you realize this truth.  If you do you might find marriage disappointing rather than exhilarating.

The miracle of marriage happens when I take two whole lives, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and permanently bond them together to walk through life side by side.  Supporting each other in trying times and sharing joy in the great mysteries of life.

That is marriage, not filling a void, but finding a companion.

So dear daughter if you are waiting for Mr. Right to fill some space inside please don’t.  Turn to me and allow me to fill those voids and heal those wounds like only I can do.  That way when you meet the man I have for you, you’ll be free to share what marriage truly is, rather than cling to an idea that keeps you captive.


Your loving and heavenly father

Why Do You Worry?

Dear Daughter,

Why are you so worried?

I look at you and see shaky hands and feet and that look of worry on your face.  I see how it sucks the life out of you and as I watch you sink beneath its weight I cry for you to turn to Me.

Don’t you know that nothing can touch you without first passing through Me?  You don’t experience randomness in this life.  You experience all from Me, the One who gives and takes away.

You look ahead and see possible disaster, but I don’t see it that way.  I see beyond the act on stage to the preparations and scenes being orchestrated behind the curtain.  And I am there, directing every movement, every scene.  And it’s all leading to a finale so astonishing that it’s going to take your breath away.

You can’t see it yet, but I can.  So please look at your life through My vision and not your own.  When you do, you will find me in disguise in the strangest of places not only in long lines but hospital rooms and board rooms, bedrooms and battle fields.  I am there working out the plans that I have for you and while you can’t always see it at the moment, they are working together for good.

I am your Father, the One who turns morning into dancing.  Fear into mountain moving faith.  Slavery into freedom.  And heartbreak into healing.

The story I’m writing is one of Redemption and your name is in it.  Trust Me.


Your Guardian and Heavenly Father

A Note About This Blog

You may not know this, but the Bible has often been referred to as God’s love letter to us here on this earth.  And it truly is a wonderful and engaging book that shows just how much He loves us and how far He went to show His love, by giving up His only Son Jesus to dYou may not know this, but the Bible has often been referred to as God’s love letter to us here on this earth.  And it truly is a wonderful and engaging book that shows just how much He loves us and how far He went to show His love, by giving up His only Son Jesus to die for our sins.

Growing up I went to church but never opened a Bible and never knew that there was so much more to the story than that.  It was only in my teenage years did I learn that not only did God pave the way for me to spend eternity with Him in heaven, but He wanted to have a relationship with me here and now.  The same kind of relationship that a father has with a daughter, thus the titles of this blog. You’ll find here letters written from the perspective of God our heavenly father, to you, his daughter.  They are all based on truths found in the Bible and they illustrate the love and care that He has for you.

While my name might be down as the “author”, these letters were gifts straight from God and I pray that He speaks to you through them in the same way He’s spoken to me.

Your sister on the journey,

Kristen McNulty